Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A few months ago, while Pepper was on her way out of the country, I told her that I would put up the next blog within a week....let's face it: I procrastinate, but as I'm sitting here tonight procrastinating other things, I figured I would put up a post. The last big thing I shot was a wedding and since then, I've spent every free second editing, ordering, and packaging that wedding. I've used my camera and lightroom very little for anything else. Photos are loading up on empty flash cards, waiting to get space in my now overflowing external hard drive...they may never get there. Anyway, the assignment: Plug in my hard drive for the first time in three weeks (longest it's been since RMSP) and choose the very last picture in my catalog.

Sweet Pepper, I hope yours are better than mine.

My photo: from New Year's Eve weekend, camping on a farm in southern Iowa. I went into town that day with some girls and the only store open was a little Podunk "Alco" like a VERY mini walmart. I bought a blonde hair piece. The model in the pic is my friends dad. He would probably kill me if he ever saw that this was put on the internet.

P.S. I'm going to add another pic from that weekend that I'm actually proud of. My second attempt at "real" HDR. It's SWEET ;)

Love you and miss you both!

Assignment: take the last picture from lightroom, do nothing to it & post

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