Saturday, August 21, 2010

Memories by Mae

It's 9:45 Sunday week after this assignment was due and less than a few hours before the next post is due. I'm working my way from the beginning and finally putting some words to these pics. (Keep in mind I'm a teacher at 7:30 tomorrow morning and have yet to do my full lesson plan for tomorrow. I'm just embracing the procrastination.)
Oddly, I've been thinking about this first photo a lot recently. It was the first photo I took of Pepper & Sweety together and probably my shortest photoshoot of the summer. Five shots in a few minutes with props provided by the Sweet kitchen table. This fast little assignment on memories ended up making a very lasting memory for me though. (Ironically, it was also taken just several hours before it was due....or is that ironic.) Anyway, this photo was basically directed by the models and proved what amazing friends they are!
THE BEAUTIFUL BLUE HOUSE! I'm so glad I don't have to walk past this (sorry Cass.) From dance parties and burnt cookies to dark photoshoots and painting sessions, this placed housed a lot of great times. (get it? housed. haha) I miss everything about it, but I still have the key so if I return to Missoula, maybe I can just take a little visit!

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  1. Ah Mae the first wedding. Sweet you never divorced me before you married Mae!!! Memories of the trio....sigh